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NIJ уровень IIIA.44 пуленепробиваемые продукты для подростков

Подробности Упаковки: 
Внутренний: мешок 1pc / poly; Картон: 48 * 35 * 45 см / 20шт.
Место происхождения: 
Шаньдун, Китай (материк)

Базовая информация

Модель: Bulletproof Backpack 4

Описание продукта

NIJ уровень IIIA.44 пуленепробиваемые продукты для подросткового использования Описание продукта
Изображения продуктов

описание продукта

  1.One zippered main compartment for clothes;One zippered front upper pocket for small things;One zippered front pocket on the down left for keeping little things such as paper, napkin or others;Two side pockets for water bottle or others for easy access.

2. Perfect ballistic performance, qualified with all levels of USA NIJ standard 0101.04 by increasing or removing layers of PE or ARAMID UD.

3. Upgrading protection level by inserting hard armor plates to NIJ level III or IV to prevent against rifles, such as 7.62*39mm AK47, 7.62*51mm NATO M14, 5.56*45mm M16, and 7.62*63mm M2AP bullets.

4. Durability. The outer package is made from reliable POLY/COTTON/NYLON/CORDURA, which is waterproof, flame resistance, long-wearing, tear-resistance and easily washable according to your requirements. Colors are optional from BLACK, OLIVE GREEN, WOODLAND, DERSERT CAMO, TO SEA BLUE, WHITE, ACU and any you want.

Bulletproof Material

Aramid UD:The bulletproof vest is made of advanced soft ballistic material, Aramid UD (Dupont Kevlar, Teijin Twaron). Aramid fibre is highly celebrated by its good chemical resistance, high heat resistance, negative heat expansion, light weight, environmentally friendly qualities, which guarantee the steady ballistic performance especially in high temperature environment.

Информация о компании
Почему выбрали нас

1.Shandong Xinxing Defense Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an internationally professional manufacturer for body armor, bullet proof helmet, ballistic plate and other ballistic products. Our samples have been taken by our clients to test in HP White Laboratory according to NIJ Standard. We guarantee our quality for our products. 


2.With over years' development and experience, we have the performance for mass production. And we can produce 5000PCs bullet proof vests and 3000PCs bullet proof helmets per month. 


3.Our products have been highly praised by our clients in Europe, America, the Middle East, African and Southeast Asia for years. We will offer competitive products and comprehensive service.

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